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Education Innovation Center
We aim to create reformation in education through a knowledge management approach. We conduct educational research and opens new fields of exploration and combining rigorous analysis with conceptual innovation. We provide effective consultancy services for setting up and running colleges and other institutions in the education sector, thereby helping institutions develop and expand to newer areas of efficiency such as higher education centers, easy and efficient options to International education and E-education initiatives.

Education It is in rural lives that a vast potential of talent and untapped creative and intellectual energy lie. If this group of people is not empowered, the nation as a whole cannot flourish and develop. And in a time of global economic uncertainty, it is more critical than ever to have the right skills to build confidence and capabilities that will open doors to employment and independence.

We support and encourage innovative projects which bring about a transformation in the field of education in rural areas. We create a platform that identifies ideas from all over India and finds ways to implement these ideas on a larger scale.We have particular concern with emerging trends,issues and future of schools and universities.

We work closely with our clients, complying carefully to their needs and requirements in order to design tailor-made project outlines. We capitalize on the infrastructure, educated people, and amenities of adjacent rural areas to develop an optimal system for dissemination of education. ECS aims to bring about a radical change in way education is delivered and alongside ensure sustainability.