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The lack of access to modern energy services condemns billions of people in the developing world to live in absolute poverty. Today almost one third of humanity have no lights in the evening, unhealthy cooking equipment, limited access to modern communications, inadequate education and health facilities and not enough power for their work and business.Energy from renewable sources can help cut your greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. We're mainly concerned with solutions that relate to saving energy in businesses, public-sector/government organizations.

GREEN ENERGY. CLEAN ENERGY ECS provides technical training and advice, assistance with product sourcing and manufacturing and facilitates access to technical advice. We have solutions of expertise in a wide variety of technologies for creating and deploying energy-specific solutions applications that address your restructuring, deregulation, and compliance challenges. In the area of energy consumption - conservation challenges, and auditing, we have experienced consultants available regardless of your location. Our ongoing projects involve energy management of Halogen street lamps which in effect cuts down the consumption to over 40%.

Energy management is the key to saving energy in any organization. The importance of energy saving rises from the global need to save energy, which affects energy prices, emissions targets, and legislation, all of which lead to several compelling reasons why you should save energy at your organization. Our vision is to work tirelessly and diligently to help companies transform themselves into sustainable, socially responsible organizations, while strengthening their bottom lines.